Beanbag Chairs

Beanbag Chairs

Beanbags have been a popular household item for decades, and while a beanbag chair may not be a proper alternative to an actual chair in the long term, they’re certainly a great way to mix things up and add some character to a room.

Not to mention, they’re incredibly comfortable and are the ideal thing to sit on while chilling out and watching a movie.

If you’re currently looking to add a beanbag chair to your house, then in this post, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about them, including all of our top tips on how to get the most out of yours.

Choose your colour

At we stock a huge variety of beanbag chairs for both children and adults, and you have a huge range of colours to choose from, so no matter what your decor is, we have something you’ll love.

You can even order more than one if you can’t choose or you’d like to mix and match.

The colours we currently have available for our beanbag chairs are:


Black is an excellent choice when you have relatively neutral decor and you don’t want a beanbag chair that stands out too much since black pretty much goes with anything.

It’s also an ideal colour to choose if you’re not set on it being in one particular room and want to use it around the house.


The bright, vibrant blue shade of this beanbag chair makes it perfect for any room in your house where you have bolder colours - or even as a good contrast to a more neutral room.

This colour is also a good choice for a child’s room or play room if you want to add a splash of colour to it.


This shade of green is not too bright and overpowering, so even if you wanted to put it in your living room and have a more neutral decor, it will actually go quite well. The earthy shade will look great against whites or creams and would also be a good choice for somewhere like a garden room.


Although grey is not as much of an on-trend colour in terms of decor anymore, this subtle shade of grey for accessories and furniture is still a hit because of how well it goes with any colour or style of decor.

A beanbag chair in this grey colour will work in any room and can even be jazzed up further by adding a small cushion or throw to it.


Navy is a classic colour that, although not always on-trend, never really goes out of style. The great thing about a navy beanbag chair is that it will match with pretty much any decor and will look good in most rooms.


A beanbag chair in this soft olive shade would make a great addition to a child’s room as it will add the perfect amount of contrast to bolder colours such as pink, blue and yellow. Depending on your decor, this could even go well in a living room - especially if you use more earthy or neutral shades like brown and cream.


A purple beanbag chair has a certain retro feel to it, which just makes it a fun way to brighten up a room. This vibrant and bright colour would be the perfect fit for a child’s room, or for an older child or teen.

Where to use your beanbag chair?

One of the best things about a beanbag chair aside from how comfortable they are is that you can basically put them anywhere you choose.

Since they’re so light and easy to move around, you can take them to different rooms whenever you choose, and really, where you use them is only limited by your imagination.

Here are just a few ideas for places you can use your beanbag chair:

Living room:

Your living room might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of a bean bag chair, but they’ve actually become quite popular in the last few years due to the large variety of new styles and colours on the market compared to the older style beanbags that often looked a bit more childlike.

However, a beanbag chair is a great addition to a living room, especially if you don’t have a lot of space for an extra chair, as it gives it a nice cosy look without overcrowding it.

A beanbag chair is also great in a living room if you have smaller children since you can be assured that when they’re sitting down to watch TV, they’re safe from falling off like they potentially could if they’re on the couch.

With so many colours and styles to choose from, a beanbag chair can be the perfect accessory to add a little splash of colour to your existing decor and really bring the room together.


A bedroom is the perfect place for a beanbag chair and is definitely one of the first places people think to put one, especially in the bedroom of a child or teen.

The great thing about a beanbag chair in a bedroom is that it allows you to go a bit more bold with the colours, since children’s rooms are often pretty colourful anyway, but it’s the perfect way to bring in more places for them and their friends to sit without cramming the place full of furniture.

Man/Woman cave:

Do you have a man cave or woman cave that you’d like to fill with some fun decor? Then a beanbag chair is probably just the thing.

Whether you have lots of space or not, a few beanbag chairs carefully strewn across the floor is an easy, fun, and relaxing way to sit and chill out with your friends while having a few drinks or just for some “me time” with a good book and a cup of tea.


If you have any kind of den or chill out area in your house, such as a TV room in the basement or a smaller room that’s used just for those times when some peace and quiet is needed, then a beanbag chair would be a great choice for something to add.

Having multiple beanbag chairs in different colours and sizes scattered across the floor for people to sit on when they’re watching a movie adds a fun splash of colour to the room and enhances the chilled out vibe.

Garden room/Conservatory:

If you have a garden room or conservatory, this is a great place to add some beanbag chairs.

Not only is garden furniture quite expensive, but you might not have much space available, so if you have one larger piece of garden furniture and some brightly coloured beanbag chairs on the floor, this could provide a nice place for people to sit and feel relaxed when they come to visit.


When you only have a balcony instead of a garden or a terrace area, you might think that you’re not able to use it for much else than hanging out some laundry, especially if it’s a smaller balcony where you don’t have a lot of space.

However, thanks to them being small and flexible, a beanbag chair is actually the perfect thing to create a seating area on your balcony.

You can have some brightly coloured beanbag chairs and combine them with some nice decorative panels to create your own little private oasis to enjoy during the warm summer days.


Beanbag chairs are a great alternative to garden furniture, which can often be quite uncomfortable to sit on unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money on higher quality stuff.

Using a selection of beanbag chairs for the garden is also a good way to maximise a smaller space without making it feel cramped and busy while also creating a relaxing and chilled out vibe.

Beanbag chairs in the garden are good if you have small children since they can sit down in them easily and chill out when they feel tired without you having to worry about them falling from the furniture.


If you’re lucky enough to have a pool at home, then what could be better than lounging beside it in a comfortable beanbag chair?

Beanbag chairs are perfect for around a pool because they’re not heavy or difficult to move around when you need to be in the shade or if the weather gets a bit colder and you need to go inside.

The last thing you want to do is be moving loungers around or covering them up when you can just take a beanbag chair inside.


Camping might be considered a low-maintenance type of activity in the sense that you’re really going back to basics and there isn’t much in the way of luxury or home comforts.

However, if you’ve ever been on a camping trip, you know that you need quite a lot of equipment.

Many people want to enjoy sitting outside their tent and make the most of being in nature, and to do this they’ll usually bring fold away camping chairs.

A beanbag chair would, not only be more comfortable and make sitting outside more enjoyable, but they’re so much easier to carry with you and won’t take up a lot of space in your car.


Many offices these days are trying to move away from the old-fashioned stuffy atmosphere where everyone works in silence in their own little cubicle and the lights are usually guaranteed to bring on a migraine.

Creative companies like Google and many tech startups have led the way in making offices a place where people actually want to be. They’re open plan, collaborative and designed to inspire a sense of fun, energy and creativity.

One of the things you’ll see a lot in places like this is beanbag chairs, so even if it’s your home office or you’re the owner of a company, you should think of getting some beanbag chairs for places like brainstorming rooms, meeting rooms, or just break rooms where people want to chill out.

Who can use a beanbag chair?

At we stock a wide range of quality beanbag chairs for adults and children, so although they can be safely used by people of all ages, there are definitely some things to take into consideration - especially with children.

Beanbag chairs are typically not great for babies and young children under the age of 2, and even then they should be supervised.

Anyone who suffers from mobility or back issues or has trouble with standing up without assistance should either avoid beanbag chairs completely or take care when using them.

Is a beanbag chair a good alternative to a chair?

Although a beanbag chair will never be a long term alternative to an actual chair for various reasons, it doesn’t mean they can’t be used in conjunction or that they can’t be used as a replacement or alternative in certain cases.

For example, if you have a small living room and would like to add an armchair but you don’t have the space, then a beanbag chair is a great solution.

They’re also great because they’re so versatile and easy to carry so you can easily move them between rooms as and when you need them.

Having beanbag chairs are perfect for times when you have visitors since you can easily put out your beanbag chairs and not have to worry about where everyone will sit, and then put them away afterwards if you need to free up more space.

How to care for your beanbag chair

When it comes to caring for your beanbag chair, they’re one of the easiest things to look after.

Although at our beanbags don’t come with removable covers, they are water-resistant and crafted from a durable 100% polyester material that can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

To keep your beanbag chair in the best condition, it’s always a good idea to avoid strong coloured foods and drinks near the beanbag chair and if you do get any spills, then they should be cleaned immediately.

Other beanbag styles

If a beanbag chair isn’t quite what you’re after or you’d like to mix and match your beanbags, then we stock a full variety of different styles, colours, and sizes at

From beanbag loungers to kids beanbags, and giant pillow beanbags that the whole family can fit on for movie night, there’s really something for every taste and budget - all handmade from the finest materials and designed to last. The only problem you’re going to have is choosing which one you want.