Giant Beanbags

Giant Beanbags

When it comes to decorating, a giant beanbag chair or beanbag for kids is a great way to switch things up and add some character to a room, but they’re not a proper chair substitute in the long term. The chair-like comfort of these items is also a good reason to consider them. In addition to watching movies and chilling, they are also a great item to sit on while doing so.

Choose your colour

Whether you have a modern or pre-modern décor, has colours for you. We provide a huge range of giant beanbags in a variety of colours, so you can match virtually any style. You may also select more than one. The colours we currently offer are as follows:


In neutral décor, black is a great choice because it blends in with everything and doesn’t stand out too much. It also works well as a colour to use around the house, since it matches anything.


This giant beanbag is ideal for any room where you prefer bolder colours, or even as a contrasting element to a more neutral area. It is incredibly vibrant.


This shade of green is neither too vibrant nor overwhelming, so it will look great in any room regardless of whether you want to make it more neutral. Garden rooms or other settings where whites or cream colours are used would be excellent choices.


Grey has fallen out of fashion in terms of décor, but it is still popular due to the fact that it blends so well with so many colours and styles.

Although this shade of grey is still popular, you might have to hunt for it in accessories and furniture. A small cushion or throw, which can be added to a grey beanbag or beanbag chair, can make the look even more contemporary.


Even though navy isn't always on-trend, it never really goes out of style. Navy giant beanbags match with pretty much any décor and look good in most rooms.


Using bold colours such as pink, blue, and yellow in your child’s room would benefit from a giant beanbag in this olive soft colour. This would add just the right amount of contrast for these bold colours.


A retro-themed purple beanbag is a fun way to brighten up a room. It could be the perfect fit for a youngster’s room or an older child or teen’s room, as it is vibrant.

Where to use your giant beanbag?

Because beanbags are so lightweight and easy to move, it is possible to take them to different areas of your home and use them in a variety of ways.

Aside from being very comfortable, one of the greatest aspects of beanbags is that they may be placed in any location.

If you're thinking about where to place your beanbag, here are some suggestions.

Living room

In recent years, the number of different varieties and colours of beanbags available has increased significantly, which has led to a surge in popularity.

They're not just kid-friendly beanbags any more; they also come in a variety of different styles and colours.

Because they don't take up much room, beanbags are a good addition to a living room, especially if you don't have extra seating.

If you have smaller children and want to ensure they don't fall off the couch while watching TV, beanbags are a good choice.

They're also great additions to living rooms if you want to unify your décor with a little dash of colour.


A beanbag in a child’s bedroom is a fantastic way to inject a bit more colour into the décor, since the colours in a child’s room are usually already quite vibrant. Furthermore, beanbags are an excellent way to add extra seating areas without jamming the place with furniture.


You may believe that a small balcony is restricted to hanging laundry if it doesn’t have much space, but a beanbag is exactly what you need to create a cosy seating area. It may also be used to create a small private oasis during the hot summer days.

You can create a seating area using brightly coloured beanbags and decorative panels.


Garden furniture can often be quite uncomfortable to sit on unless you're willing to invest in higher quality items.

Using a range of beanbags for the garden is a good way to maximise a small space and create a relaxed, chilled-out atmosphere while also maintaining a sense of order.

The beanbags are also good for use by children, who can relax when they're tired without having to fear falling off furniture.

Who can use a giant beanbag?

Beanbags are great for anyone of any age, but there are some things to keep in mind if you have children. In particular, young children and babies should never be left unattended. Anyone with mobility issues should also take care when using a giant beanbag.

Is a giant beanbag a good alternative to a chair?

Beanbags are not long-term alternatives to actual chairs for numerous reasons, but that does not mean they can't be used in conjunction or can't be used as a substitute in certain situations.

In short, they are a fantastic addition to short-term alternatives to real chairs. They are also very versatile and simple to transport, making them an excellent choice for moving them between rooms as needed. Since you don't have to worry about where everyone will sit when you put your beanbags out and then can put them away afterwards if you need to free up more space, beanbags are perfect for when guests visit.

How to care for your giant beanbag beanbags are easy to look after because they are water-resistant and built from a durable 100% polyester material that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The covers on our beanbags are not detachable, but they are water-resistant.

To keep your beanbags looking their best, avoid spilling food and drinks near your beanbag chair and clean up any spills immediately.

Other beanbag styles

If you're looking for a beanbag that isn't the giant beanbag, we've got a wide range of different types, colours, and sizes at

Alternatively, you may mix and match your beanbags at From beanbag loungers to kids beanbags, there's certainly something for everyone at a budget and taste.

All of our beanbags are handcrafted from the finest materials and intended to last. The only issue you might face is deciding which one you want.