Garden Beanbags

Garden Beanbags

Looking for something different to spruce up your garden or outdoor space? Why not try a garden beanbag? Garden beanbags are a great alternative to traditional garden furniture. They can be used as seating or simply as a place to sit and relax. Plus, they come in many different colours and styles, so there is something for everyone.

At, we have something for you – whether you have a big garden or a small one, no matter what colour you like or what kind of budget you’re working with.

If this is your first time buying a garden beanbag, and you don’t know where to start, then this post is going to walk you through everything you need to know about them and how to get the most out of your garden beanbag.

Choose Your Colour

You'll find a huge range of garden beanbags at that are perfectly suitable for outdoor use in a variety of colours. Our garden beanbags are perfect for both children and adults.

Whether you’re just looking for a single garden beanbag or want to mix and match, you’ll have plenty of choice with these colours.


A great shade to use in the summer for children or around a pool, this colour is vibrant and beautiful.


Black is an excellent match for practically anything, making it a great choice for an outdoor beanbag that blends into your environment without being too noticeable. You can also use it in your home if you are no longer using it outside or if you wish to sit down.


This colour is perfect for adding colour or contrast to a neutral setting. It comes in a bright, vibrant blue shade that works well with a variety of colour schemes and looks great in your garden, on a balcony or anywhere else you want to brighten up.


This pleasant shade of green blends well with most other tones of green and would look wonderful in your garden.

It would also look great in your indoor garden room, since it's not too bright. It would look particularly nice against white or cream colours inside the house on those days when you prefer to use it inside if the weather gets bad.


Because it matches any colour or style of decor so well, this shade of grey for garden beanbags is a big hit. It looks especially good in a garden or balcony where there is a lot of green, so you can use it in any outdoor space.


This lime shade is perfect for beanbags that you want to use in an outdoor space such as a garden or balcony and is great for children and adults alike. It is bright, fun, and ideal for summer.


Navy is a classic colour that, although not always on-trend, never really goes out of fashion. Navy outdoor beanbags look good in any outdoor space and match with almost any decor, and look especially good against vibrant greens.


Beanbags in this olive colour would be wonderful additions to outdoor areas, providing just the right amount of contrast to make colourful items such as pink, blue and yellow stand out, making them look terrific next to trees and flowers.

These garden beanbags would also work well in a garden room decorated in earthy or neutral colours like brown and cream.


These orange garden beanbags will look fantastic in any garden, especially when partnered with other bright colours such as lime green, pink, and green, during the summer.


Using bright colours such as orange, green and blue, you can mix and match your outdoor beanbags to create a truly summer vibe. This lovely shade of pink will match perfectly with them.


These platinum garden beanbags are quite subtle, making them excellent for any outdoor space where there are a lot of contrasting colours of green from trees and flowers.

Beanbags in more vibrant shades of pink, green, orange, and blue look great when paired with these platinum garden beanbags.


A retro-looking purple beanbag is just the thing to brighten up an outdoor space such as a garden or balcony, especially where the decor is more neutral.


Choose an outdoor beanbag in this vibrant shade of red, and it'll look great all year round.

Where to use your garden beanbag?

Due to being so lightweight and versatile, beanbags are excellent for outdoor use.

You can place them anywhere and relax, whether it's in your man cave, the garden, or even next to the pool.

Additionally, you can move them to different locations at any time and bring them inside when you need to or when the weather isn’t working in your favour.

Here are some of our favourite places to use a garden beanbag.

Garden room/Conservatory:

Garden beanbags are an exceptional way to spruce up any garden room or conservatory.

Not only are garden furniture items expensive, but you may not have a lot of space either, so if you have a larger chair and some colourful beanbags on the ground, visitors will have plenty of places to sit and relax.


You don't need to have a lot of space on your balcony to make garden beanbags into a seating area. They're flexible enough to do so quite easily. Using brightly coloured garden beanbags and decorative panels, you can create your own little private sanctuary that you can enjoy during summer days.


You can save quite a lot of money by using garden beanbags in addition to garden furniture.

You can let your children sit on garden beanbags without worrying about them falling, as they are so simple to sit on.

Mix and match your selection of garden beanbags to create a relaxed and chilled-out vibe.


What better way to spend time on a warm summer day than lounging in a garden beanbag poolside?

These garden beanbags are lightweight and easy to transport when the weather gets cooler, or you need to spend time in the shade, so you can move them around as needed.


Sitting outside your tent during a camping trip is one of the most enjoyable parts, so to save space in your car and minimise the amount of things you need to carry. Bring some garden beanbags to sit on instead of the fold-away camping chairs that people usually take with them.

Who can use a garden beanbag?

Although garden beanbags are typically safe for people of all ages, it’s important to pay extra care when using them with children or those who suffer from mobility issues. Young children under the age of 2, for example, should never be left unsupervised when sitting in a garden beanbag.

Is a garden beanbag a good alternative to garden furniture?

Although beanbags shouldn’t really be viewed as long-term alternatives to garden chairs and outdoor furniture for a variety of reasons, this doesn’t mean they can’t be used alongside them or even as a temporary replacement in some cases.

For example, you can use beanbags as an alternative to garden furniture if you don’t have enough outdoor space, or you only use your garden a few times a year and don’t see the need to invest in garden furniture that you won’t really get any use out of.

Garden beanbags are simple to transport and versatile, so you can move them from room to room as required and only bring them outside when required – for example, if you have visitors and then put them away again you don't need them.

How to care for your garden beanbags?

Caring for your garden beanbags is very easy, and no hassle thanks to them being made from 100% water-resistent polyester that is washable.

Although our garden beanbag covers aren’t removable, you can simply wipe them down with some warm water and a mild detergent.

As with any piece of furniture, it’s always best to avoid strong coloured food and drinks around the beanbag and if anything does spill, it should be cleaned right away.

Other beanbag styles

You can mix and match your beanbags at if you want a conventional beanbag chair or if you prefer something different.

With lots of colours, styles and sizes to choose from, you should be able to find something you like, whether you’re after a beanbag chair, kids beanbags, or giant beanbag pillows that the whole family can enjoy together, we have it.

All of our beanbags are handmade from the finest materials and are designed to last, so you can shop with complete confidence.