Cheap Beanbags

Cheap Beanbags

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to actual furniture for certain areas of your house, such as extra seating for the kids or for the garden? Why not go for one of our cheap beanbags?

Beanbags have been a household favourite for decades, and while a cheap beanbag may not be a suitable long-term alternative to a chair, they are excellent ways to diversify a room and add some character.

Aside from being very comfortable and suitable for lounging, they're also an excellent choice for watching movies and relaxing.

We're going to go over everything you need to know about cheap beanbags in this post, along with our recommendations for enjoying them to the fullest.

Choose your colour

You can find a wide range of cheap beanbags and beanbag sofas at, suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a variety of colours.

Whether you're searching for a bargain or a tasteful design, you'll be able to find it. Why not also order a few different ones if you're unable to pick or if you want to mix and match and create a fun atmosphere in your garden or outdoor area or give your teen their own little living area in their bedroom?

We currently offer cheap beanbags in the following colours:


A brilliant and vibrant colour that is perfect for summer days, looks fantastic near a pool or other water feature, and is wonderful for children.


Black beanbags are great for blending into your décor without drawing too much attention. You can also use them around the home and also outside if you prefer.


A great colour to complement a more neutral setting, this blue is ideal for adding colour or contrast to any areas. It comes in a bold, vibrant shade that looks great in any room, on a balcony, in a garden or any outdoor space that wants to perk up.


This shade of green is not too bright and overwhelming, so it would go well in most rooms and looks great in a garden and will blend in perfectly even if you choose a more neutral décor for your regular furniture. It would look great against whites or creams, and it would also be a good choice for a garden room.


This shade of grey is popular due to its ability to match any colour or style of décor. Cheap beanbags in this grey colour will look excellent in any room or outdoor space, particularly in a garden or balcony where there is a lot of green.


This lime shade is great for cheap beanbags that you want to use in an outdoor space such as a garden or balcony because it’s fun and bright. It is perfect for children and adults alike.


Navy looks good in any indoor and outdoor space and matches with almost any décor, making it a classic colour that never goes out of style. Navy beanbags are especially good against vibrant greens.


A cheap beanbag in this olive colour would be a great addition to any outdoor space, because it will provide just the right amount of contrast to make colourful items such as pink, blue, and yellow stand out, looking great next to trees and flowers.

These beanbags would also work well in any room decorated in earthy or neutral colours like brown and cream.


Nothing says summer like orange, and these bright orange beanbags will look great in any outdoor or indoor space that is brightly decorated, particularly when combined with other bright colours such as lime green, pink, and green.


This lovely shade of pink will match perfectly with other vibrant colours such as orange, green and blue, therefore you can mix and match your beanbags to create a truly summer vibe.


A subtle shade that can really work in any space, particularly where there are a lot of contrasting colours of green from trees and various colours from flowers or décor.

These platinum cheap beanbags also work really well when paired with beanbags in bright shades of pink, green, and orange.


Brighten up any space with a retro-looking purple cheap beanbag. It is particularly suitable for decorating a more neutral indoor space or even adding some colour to your garden.


A cheap beanbag sofa would look great all year round in any room. Use a cheap beanbag to brighten up a room or outdoor space anytime of the year.

Where to use your cheap beanbag?

Cheap beanbags are great because you can place them wherever you want, and they're super comfortable.

Besides that, you can also move them to various locations, so you can take them to the garden, man cave, or even pool, for example. We've provided several suggestions for where you might use your cheap beanbag.

Living room

A cheap beanbag may not be what comes to mind when you think of your living room, but there are actually a lot of new colours and styles on the market these days compared to the older beanbags that looked a bit more childlike.

There are a lot of reasons why a beanbag would be a good addition to a living room, especially if you don’t have a lot of room for an extra chair.

A cheap beanbag gives your living room a cosy, not overcrowded look, while also ensuring that your small children are safe while they watch TV.

The wide array of colours and styles makes a cheap beanbag a great addition to your existing décor, no matter what its style or colour.


Teenagers and children often have a beanbag in their bedrooms, since it is the perfect way to make use of bold colours without jamming the room with furniture.

Man/Woman cave

If you want to create a man cave or woman cave filled with fun décor, a beanbag is just the thing. Whether you have a lot of space or not, sitting and relaxing on a beanbag can be a simple, enjoyable, and relaxing way to spend time with your friends while enjoying a few drinks or reading a good book.


Cheap beanbags can be a great choice for adding to areas in your home where people spend time watching TV or relaxing.

If you have a den or chill area in your house, for example, a beanbag can be a fantastic addition.

They can be used in a variety of colours and sizes, making them easy to match to a variety of environments.

When sitting on a beanbag, people can feel relaxed and enjoy the vibe.

Garden room/Conservatory

If you have a garden room or conservatory, adding some beanbags is a great idea. Garden furniture is usually costly, and space might not be available for another piece, so having one large piece of garden furniture and some brightly coloured beanbags on the floor may make people feel comfortable when they visit.


You might think that a balcony is limited to hanging laundry if you don't have a large terrace or a garden, but that's not the case at all.

Combine a couple of colourful cheap beanbags with some decorative panels to create your own private summer vibe.


Beanbags are a nice alternative to garden furniture, which is frequently uncomfortably positioned to sit on unless you want to spend a lot of money on high-quality stuff.

In addition to creating a relaxing, chilled-out atmosphere, using a selection of cheap beanbag sofas or chairs for the garden maximises a small space without making it feel cramped and busy.

Children may also sit down in beanbag chairs in the garden without you worrying about them falling off.


There's nothing better than relaxing in a beanbag around a pool because they're not heavy, or difficult to move around when the weather gets a bit colder or you need to go inside.


There are no luxuries or home comforts to speak of when camping, so it is a relatively low-maintenance activity.

That being said, being back to basics doesn't mean there is nothing to worry about. You will need quite a lot of equipment, including chairs that can fold up and be carried with you.

Beanbags are much more flexible and convenient to take with you, and they are also much more comfortable than foldable camping chairs.


In old-fashioned offices, the lighting is usually guaranteed to give you a headache and everyone works in isolation in their cubicle in silence.

There are now many modern offices that encourage people to spend time there and enjoy themselves.

They are open-plan, collaborative, and intended to inspire a sense of pleasure, energy, and creativity.

Beanbags are a common sight in these environments, as are brainstorming benches, meeting rooms, and break rooms where people want to relax.

Who can use a cheap beanbag?

Beanbags are incredibly convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable to use, and although they’re perfectly safe to use for most people, it's important to remember that beanbags are not without risks when not used correctly.

Beanbags can be used by children of all ages, but if being used by young children, they should always be supervised - especially babies and children under the age of 2, who should never be left alone on a beanbag.

If you have mobility problems or back issues, or have trouble standing up without assistance, you should avoid beanbags completely or make sure you’re able to get help when you need to stand up.

Is a cheap beanbag a good alternative to a normal chair?

Beanbags are not long term alternatives to actual chairs for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean they can't be used in conjunction or that they can't be used as a substitute in a number of situations.

When you have a small living room and wish to add an armchair but don’t have enough room, for example, a cheap beanbag may be a good option.

Beanbags are also versatile and easy to transport, making them ideal for having on hand when you have visitors. You can put your beanbags away after you've finished using them if you need to free up more space.

How to care for your cheap beanbag

Beanbags are pretty simple to take care of.

Though beanbags do not include removable covers, they are water-resistant and constructed from 100% polyester material that can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

To keep your beanbag in the best shape, don't eat or drink strong-coloured foods or liquids nearby, and if they do get spilled, they need to be cleaned immediately.

Other beanbag styles offers a wide range of beanbags in different styles, colours, and sizes, if you’re not sure what you’d like or would like to mix and match different beanbag styles. All our beanbag sofas and other types of beanbags are made from the finest materials and designed to last.