Adult Beanbags

Adult Beanbags

Adult beanbags have been around for a long time, and while they’re not exactly the same as a normal chair, they can certainly add some character to a room and diversify the decor a little.

Beyond being very comfortable and enjoyable to sit in, adult beanbags are also a great choice for watching movies and relaxing.

If you’re considering buying your first adult beanbag, but don’t know where to start, then in this post we’re going to walk you through the different options available and how to get the most out of your adult beanbag.

At, we carry a wide range of adult beanbags in different sizes and styles, from beanbag chairs to extra-large beanbag pillows that the whole family can enjoy.

Choose your colour


Black is a great option if you want to blend with the surrounding decor and you don’t want a beanbag that stands out too much. It's also a great choice if you want to use it throughout the house, rather than just in one particular area.


An adult beanbag in this blue colour is perfect for any room with bold colours or as a good contrast to a more neutral environment. It’s sure to refresh any decor.


This shade of green is not too bright and overpowering, so even if you want to use it in your living room and have a more neutral decor, it will work well. The earthy colour would look fantastic against whites or creams, and it would also be a good choice for a garden room.


Grey, a colour that's no longer all the rage in terms of decor, nevertheless remains popular because of how well it matches a variety of colours and styles. You can jazz up an adult beanbag chair or sofa, for example, by adding a small cushion or throw to it.


Navy adult beanbags complement most decor styles and look good in most rooms, making them a great choice for when you don’t want anything too vibrant or out there.


An adult beanbag in this olive shade would be a great addition to any brightly decorated room, providing the perfect amount of contrast for bolder colours such as pink, blue and yellow.

Depending on your decor, this beanbag might also work well in a more neutral room, especially if you chose earthy or neutral colours such as brown and cream.


You can use these platinum adult beanbags in virtually any environment, particularly where there are a lot of contrasting colours from green leaves and flowers or where there are a lot of different colours within your decor. You can also combine them with other types of beanbags in bright shades of pink, green, and orange.


A purple adult beanbag provides a fun way to brighten up a room by providing a retro feel. This vibrant colour would also look great on a balcony or in a garden.

Where to use your adult beanbag?

Living room:

When you think of adult beanbags, your living room may not be the first thing that pops into your mind, but they've become increasingly popular in recent years due to the wide array of new styles and colours available in comparison to the older beanbags that appeared somewhat childlike.

The large variety of new styles and colours on the market, in addition to the fact that they are also cosy, has led to a significant increase in their popularity.

In addition, beanbag chairs are a good addition to a living room if you do not have much space for an extra chair, as they do not overwhelm the room.

There are so many colours and styles to choose from that adding a little splash of colour to your existing decor can be the perfect way to tie everything together.

Man/Woman cave:

Want to add some pizazz to your man cave or woman cave? Then an adult beanbag is just the thing. Whether you have a lot of space or not, a few beanbags carefully placed across the floor is a simple, fun, and relaxing way to sit and chill with your friends while having a few drinks or simply reading a good book and having a cup of tea.


Having an adult beanbag chair or sofa in a den or other space where you want some quiet is a great choice. You can choose different colours and sizes, creating a fun splash of colour and enhancing the relaxed atmosphere in the room.

Garden room/Conservatory:

Adding some adult beanbag chairs to your garden room or conservatory is a great idea. Not only are garden furniture products expensive, but you might also have little space, so if you have one larger piece of garden furniture and some brightly coloured adult beanbag chairs on the floor, people can enjoy sitting and relaxing when they visit.


When you have a small balcony, you may think you can’t use it for much. However, adult beanbags are actually the ideal thing to create a seating area on your balcony since they are small and adaptable. You can use some colourful adult beanbag chairs in conjunction with some decorative panels to create your own personal oasis to enjoy on warm summer days.


Using adult beanbags in the garden isn't just a good way to save money, but is also a lot more comfortable and relaxing than traditional garden furniture. Using a few different types of adult beanbags allows you to easily create a relaxing space and then move them when you need to.


When pool season rolls around, what better way to spend your time than in an adult beanbag chair? These beanbags are lightweight and compact, so they're simple to manoeuvre and store when the weather gets chilly or you need to seek shade.


There are not a lot of luxuries or home comforts when camping, so it can be considered a low-maintenance activity. However, if you’ve ever been on a camping trip, you know that you’ll need a lot of equipment.

Many people want to sit outside their tents and enjoy the outdoors, so they bring fold-away camping chairs. An adult beanbag chair, on the other hand, is much more compact and portable, making it much more enjoyable to sit outside and it takes up far less space in your car.


In most offices today, cubicles are a thing of the past, as everyone now works together in the same open environment.

Many companies, especially those in more creative industries like technology have things like adult beanbags scattered around in meeting rooms or brainstorming rooms for staff to enjoy. Far more comfortable than sitting around a large table.

Who can use an adult beanbag?

There are certain things to keep in mind when using beanbags, even for adults. They are suitable for use by anyone of any age, but there are certain things to keep in mind if you have children.

It's not advisable to use beanbag chairs for young children under the age of 2, and even then, they should be closely monitored. If someone has mobility or back issues or has difficulty getting up without help, they should avoid beanbag chairs or use them with caution.

Is an adult beanbag a good alternative to furniture?

Despite the fact that adult beanbags will never be a long-term alternative to actual chairs for various reasons, they can still be used in conjunction or as a replacement.

They are, nonetheless, a good choice for certain situations. For example, if you have a small living room and want to add an armchair but don’t have the room, an adult beanbag chair is a great option.

They are also versatile and easy to transport, which makes them excellent for moving from place to place as and when you need them.

Adult beanbags are ideal for hosting guests since you don't have to worry about where everyone will sit, after which you can simply put them away if you need more room.

How to care for your adult beanbag

Adult beanbags are very low maintenance things to take care of.

Although covers are not included with our beanbags, they are water-resistant and made from durable 100% polyester that may be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

It's a good idea to steer clear of strong-coloured foods and drinks near the beanbags and, in the event of spills, they should be cleaned immediately.

Other beanbag styles

Whether you're looking for an adult beanbag chair that matches your preferred style, colour, or size or you'd like to mix and match your beanbags, we have a wide assortment of items at

From beanbag loungers to children's beanbags, and giant pillow beanbags for movie night, there are a variety of different options to choose from at a price that fits everyone's budget.

The only issue you'll encounter is deciding which beanbag to choose.