Floor Cushions

Bean bags are used by children and adults alike for comfort whilst watching tv, reading or lounging around. Floor cushions are perhaps the most versatile type of bean bag as they can be used for various different reasons.

Floor cushions can be used to provide a comfortable surface to lie down on while reading a book or watching the television. A floor cushion can also be used as a seat: simply stand the cushion on one of its sides and distribute weight evenly to create a comfortable makeshift chair. Floor cushions can also be used as a bed for a dog or cat, and can also provide a soft, safe surface for a young child to play on.

Floor cushions can range in price, depending on the brand and size. A cheaper floor cushion bean bag may be priced anywhere from twenty to forty pounds, whereas a more expensive floor cushion may cost up to two-hundred pounds. Floor cushion style bean bags are an affordable product that can easily spice up a room and create fun for all the family. Many different colours and patterns are available to consumers who wish to customise their bean bag in order to reflect his or her personality.