Bean Bag Sofas

A bean bag sofa is a product filled with beans that can be used for seating purposes, and this product is essentially a larger version of a bean bag chair.

The main difference between a bean bag chair and a bean bag sofa, is that the latter can seat two people. Bean bag sofas are also available with beds inside; simply unzip the cover and out comes a floor cushion that acts as a bed. Bean bag sofas can easily take the place of a standard furniture piece and are more affordable than normal furniture. Bean bag sofas however, are significantly more expensive than standard bean bags due to their size. The bigger bags require more beans and subsequently will need to be priced higher to regulate production.

Bean bag sofas with beds inside them come in both queen and king sized cushions inside. These large cushions make for an extremely comfortable experience while watching television or films, or while lounging around on a boring day. Prices for bean bag sofas range from fifty to well over one-hundred pounds depending on fabric, retailer and size. Bags filled with real beans will be more expensive due to the limited supply of the material; whereas bags filled with polyester will be on the cheaper end of the market.