Bean Bag Chairs

A bean bag, by definition is a sack filled with dried beans or polyester that can be used in a plethora of ways.

Bean bags of different sizes, colours, shapes and materials are all used by individuals for various reasons, such as providing comfort and simply for fun and games. Bean bags can facilitate various needs for different people; for example, a bean bag chair may provide comfort whilst lounging in front of the TV or reading a book and also may improve the overall aesthetics of a room. Bean bag chairs are a generally inexpensive way to add comfort and style to a home or office.

Bean bag chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some chairs may appear to be somewhat cylindrical in shape, while others may take on the appearance of an actual lounge chair or sofa. When used, a typical rounded bean bag chair will contour to the shape of the person sitting in it and ensures maximum comfort for whomever decides to use the chair; the bag allows the user to sit in practically whatever position they wish to be in, unlike a traditional sofa or chair, which only allows individuals to be seated in a few limited positions. One factor that sets bean bag chairs aside from other types of beanbags is that they are more voluminous to ensure that they can support the person using them and act as a ‘chair’.

Bean bag chairs vary in price depending on a multitude of factors. Size, shape, fabric, filling and area of origin all may influence how expensive or inexpensive a bean bag chair may be. A kid’s beanbag made from cotton and filled with polyester, for example, may be significantly cheaper than a professional beanbag filled with dried beans and made from leather. However, cheaper bean bags can be transformed to look like upper-end, expensive bags by purchasing a bean bag cover. These covers are available in various fabrics with multiple designs and patterns to spice up the appearance of a bean bag. Bean bag chairs are an affordable alternative to buying expensive chairs or sofas; these products are comfortable, stylish and provide an affordable way to add character to a room. Because there are so many different styles of bean bag chair, it is likely that each individual will find a product that they enjoy.